The DuPont Park Civic Association’s (DPCA) mission is to promote the civic welfare of our community by providing residents the opportunity to have a positive impact on people, health care, upkeep, public safety, education, overall neighborhood well being & more. DPCA acts as an advocate for the residents and serves to bridge the gap between what’s happening in Washington, and what’s happening in Ward 7.

Since 1963 under the leadership of the first Association president, Riddick Pree, DPCA has been working hard to protect the interests of the community. Yearly membership dues & fundraising dollars are used to cover association expenses; including, but not limited to: website upkeep, printing and publication needs, newsletters distribution, community petitions, correspondence with the government of the District of Columbia and relevant stakeholders, scholarships, and support of community projects. In some cases, the activities are ongoing and require our continued diligence in order to make the concerns of the residents of this community and of Ward 7 known and to ensure protection of our interests.

Where Are We Located?

DuPont Park is a residential neighborhood located in the southeast quadrant of Washington, DC. (Click to read more.)

The park is a popular place for picnics, nature walks, gardening, environmental education, music, ice skating, sports, and ranger led Civil War programs. DuPont Park is nestled in the parkland of Fort Davis and Fort Dupont Parks—the grounds of two Civil War era forts. Fort Dupont Park was one of several historic sites that defended Washington, DC from confederate attack during the war. Today, there are no remains of the actual fort, but the 400-acre site is one of the city’s largest parks and protects an important watershed of the Anacostia River.

Dupont Park is located in Ward 7 east of the Anacostia River. It is surrounded by Pennsylvania Avenue (on the south), Fairlawn Avenue (on the west), Ely Place, Minnesota Avenue, and Massachusetts Avenue (on the north), and Fort Davis Drive (on the east). The Anacostia River flows about 8.4 mi (13.5 km) from Prince George’s County in Maryland and through Washington, DC where it joins the Washington Channel to the Potomac River at Hains Point.