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Where are we located?

Dupont Park is a residential neighborhood located in the southeast quadrant of Washington, DC. It is bounded by Pennsylvania Avenue, SE on the South; Fairlawn Avenue, SE on the West; Ely Place, Minnesota Avenue, Massachusetts Avenue, SE on the North; and, Fort Davis Drive , SE on the East.

Dupont Park is nestled in the parkland of Fort Davis and Fort Dupont Parks, the grounds of two Civil War-era forts that were constructed for the defense of Washington. Fort Dupont Park was one of several historic sites that defended Washington, DC from Confederate attack during the Civil War. Today, there are no remains of the actual fort, but the 400-acre site is one of the city’s largest parks and protects an important sub-watershed of the Anacostia River. Fort Dupont Park is a popular place for picnics, nature walks, gardening, environmental education, music, ice skating, sports, and ranger led Civil War programs.

Dupont Park is located in Ward 7 east of the Anacostia River. The Anacostia River is a river that flows about 8.4 mi (13.5 km) from Prince George's County in Maryland and through Washington, DC where it joins with the Washington Channel to empty into the Potomac River at Hains Point. The name "Anacostia" derives from the area's early history as Nacochtank, a settlement of Necostan or Anacostan Native Americans on the banks of the Anacostia River. Captain John Smith recorded in his journals that he sailed up the "Eastern Branch" or Anacostia River in 1608 in his search for the main branch of the Potomac River and was well received by the Anacostans.

map of dupont park

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