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DPCA uses committees to help preserve and shape the quality of life of residents within Dupont Park. The committees formed and operated by DPCA members carry out the ongoing work of the organization. DPCA also appoints members to serve on external committees, which are operated by the city or other local organizations, and whose interests and activities are important to the neighborhood. DPCA membership is a prerequisite for appointment to these committees.

Amenities Committee
Civic Affairs Committee
Fundraising/Ways and Means
Hospitality Committee
Membership Committee
Planning Committee
Scholarship Committee
Website Committee
Newsletter Committee

Amenities Committee express the sympathy and concerns of the Dupont Park Civic Association to members who are sick or have a close family member who has passed away or to the family of a member who has just passed away.

Civic Affairs Committee represents the association at various governmental and non-governmental meetings pertaining to items of interest to the community, makes reports at meetings, brings to the attention of the association any action required, and follow-up to see that responses are timely.
Fundraising/Ways and Mean Committee is responsible for all aspects of fundraising activities for the association (research, presentation, management, collection of funds, and reporting).
Hospitality Committee greets and introduces new members and ensures that refreshments are available at the monthly meetings and for special association events.
Membership Committee collects dues from current and prospective members and submits to the Financial Secretary for deposit and recordation. The Financial Secretary sends a copy of the report to the Treasurer for deposit. The committee maintains the association's membership roster, develops a "Welcome Package" that contains information about the association, makes a report on the number of members to the full body at each meeting, and organizes and implements membership drives.
Planning Committee works with the President to develop a meeting agenda for each meeting, secures representatives from the community to discuss issues of relevance at the meetings, canvass members regarding topics of interest, and reports on past and upcoming community events.
Scholarship Committee announces applications, reviews applications, and nominates candidate(s) to be considered by the committee to receive scholarship(s), with approval from the body.
Website Committee develops and maintains a website for the association, keeps the website current, and provides links to government and non-government sites of interest.
Newsletter Committee develops and issues newsletters for the association that provide up-to-date, relevant, and interesting information on matters that pertain to the community.